Build A New Newy

NeXus Artist - Branch Nebula x Tantrum Youth Arts "The Shake Up"

Build A New Newy (2019) was a live, growing art installation that invited children and their families to work together to rebuild Newcastle the way they want it.

Build A New Newy (2019) was developed by Amy Morris as a part of "The Shake Up" - a community engaged live art event responding to the 1989 Newcastle Earthquake, developed by Tantrum Youth Arts and Branch Nebula in partnership with Newcastle Museum. 

As a part of the event's development, an ensemble of local artists underwent professional development with Lee Wilson & Mirabelle Wouters (Branch Nebula) to individually

conceptualise, produce and facilitate their own community-engaged works within this live art event.

In "Build A New Newy", children and their families arrived at the project manager's desk, where they were explained the task at hand: rebuilding Newcastle from the ground up using cardboard and other found materials. If they accepted the job, they underwent a safety induction and were given a safety vest and a handmade cardboard toolbox that contained all the equipment they may need. 

Over the course of four nights, up to a hundred young people and their parents and guardians engaged with the event, with many buildings, landmarks and features created - some pre-existing, some improved, some brand new. Many of the construction workers built upon the work of previous participants, and some young people and their families remained in the "construction zone" for the entire duration of the event.

The Shake Up (2019) - Highlights Reel